‘I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.’ – Lily Tomlin

Why I’m Running

head shotWith a ten year old son in fifth grade and a five year old daughter in kindergarten within the Chula Vista Elementary School District I am five years into a twelve year involvement in the district. I am passionate about the education of not only my kids but their friends and every other student in Chula Vista. I believe the best pathway to success is through creating better communication between school and home and strengthening the partnership of parents and teachers.


I’m a professional costume designer for theatre and film and have a degree in Theatre from UCSD. I’ve worked professionally in costumes since 2001. I got married in 2005 and my husband, Joe, and I moved to LA to start my career. While in LA, I had the privilege to work in film and television and then switch back to my first love, theatre. I was a resident costume designer for Independent Shakespeare Company for 5 seasons and also a resident designer for Invertigo Dance for several years.

In 2013 we moved back from LA and into our “forever home” in Chula Vista. It’s the house that my grandparents bought after World War II and my mother and aunt grew up in. It is around the corner from my husband’s parents’ house where he lived growing up. I am incredibly lucky to raise my children in the same neighborhood as their grandparents.

My son started attending Rosebank Elementary School in 2014. We were so thrilled that he was attending the same school that his dad, grandmother, aunt, and great aunt went to. Our family’s presence still echoes through the hallways there. I immediately joined the Rosebank PTA, and two years later I was elected PTA President. A year after that, I joined the Board of the Chula Vista Council of PTAs. I’m still serving on the Rosebank Board and as the Vice President on the Council Board today.

During my years as President, I more than doubled membership in the PTA at Rosebank, and I almost quadrupled our number of regular volunteers. I did this by creating partnerships with other parent groups, by emphasizing creating a strong school community, by finding new ways to reach out to those for whom language might be a barrier, and by practicing “extravagant welcome.”

Representing YOU

School Board members are supposed to be representatives of the people in the community. As such, I will never stop listening to parents and other stakeholders to try to best reflect their needs. I will do this by increasing access to people who might not be comfortable standing up at a microphone in front of a crowd to share their concerns at a School Board meeting. I will hold regular “office hours,” where people can bring me their concerns and their joys. All of the people in this District should truly feel they have me advocating for them, as I have advocated for the parents at my school and on the PTA Council.



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