Changing the world for the better begins with teaching our children to be the best versions of themselves they can be. Beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic is an entire world of development that public school offers. We have the ability to teach empathy and compassion, to teach integrity and justice, to teach personal responsibility and critical thinking skills. School also represents a second family to so many students in need. Teachers are on the front lines of the battle against the problems that their students are facing. They act as social workers, mental health supports, referees, surrogate parents, and general first responders to kids in crisis… all of this on top of their curriculum expectations. This is why it is so incredibly critical to give schools mental health professionals and other school support members so the teachers can focus on the rest. My platform is designed to do that and more.

I will continue to…

  • Prioritize our children’s mental health and continue to support Safe and Welcoming Schools
  • Protect the Arts so that we do not forget who we are
  • Push for curriculum that is not just “inclusive,” but is anti-racist and anti-biased
  • Fight locally and in Sacramento on behalf of increased spending on education
  • Strengthen the home-school partnership by bringing the parents’ voice back to this board
  • Advocate for better support for our students with special needs and their families
  • Support fairness in contract negotiations with our teachers & classified employees